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God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New year(rear) resolutions

I have a few New Year ( I actually typed Rear,which is on the list!ha) Resolutions.Even though its a little past the 1st I figure its still at least with in the month. (I'm a little slow).
1. To blog once a week..I can do that.
2. To exercise 3-4 times a week.yup dooable
3. To study for my C.E.N.I want to be finished with that monster by the end of March
4. To knit as much as humanly possible and not have the house shut down by the state department..

My new married life, is pretty sweet. I am very happy and very busy. The new year is looking VERY busy.
Sam is settling into her first year of high school, and making lots of new friends,so there are kids here all the time.My sweet step daughter Meg is preparing to go off to college late August.My son Dan is getting married the beginning of August. Now the biggg oldest is expecting a new baby, her second,the love of my life..her son Kolby is 5.
I have enlisted the help of a new friend.I am calling him Jeeves. Part friend,part humble servant.I bought a knitting machine. I'm pretty excited. The Ultimate Sweater Machine. I have an old one, not working too good, and it was time for an upgrade...I love combining hand knitting and machine knitting.
I sure hope Jeeves has a big supply of caffiene.He's gonna need it.
 I did manage to finish a the baby sweater set since my last blog, and that kid came early.Thanks alot kid.I was knitting like a maniac to finish.The Mom loved it, thankfully and the color was definitely the right one. I was a little worried if she would not like the slightly different baby color. But it was a hit. 

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