Psalm 73:26

God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wow, its been a looong time in between posts. I have been so busy with the new job, that some days I am just so tired, its all I can do to knit  few rows and fall asleep. 
I am so enjoying my knitting project right now.I am knitting two at a time socks,( from the book) and I am hooked. I cant imagine ever knitting socks any other way. I am knitting them for my secret sock partner on Ravelry. I have been praying for her daily and it has been such a sweet experience.Knowing that my prayers will touch someone far away from me, knowing my loving Heavenly Father sees and hears my prayers for her.
 I am always pleasantly surprised when my knitting project mirrors my life. or some lesson I find in my knitting. When I started the two socks at once, I had just started my new full time job in the E.R. Now I find myself preparing to get married, move and settle into another new life change. So two new things at once. Both similar in that they are really taking me in a direction I that is a little overwhelming, and exciting.I know that the Lord is knitting my life into something beautiful for Him. 

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