Psalm 73:26

God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.

Monday, April 21, 2008

2 at a time socks

Now that I am just about done with my sweater, and the 70 degree temps are here, it was time to get ready for my next project. I was at Barnes and Noble the other night and I always have the same conversation with myself...." I have enough kntting books, I'll just look for something else.Well nothing really looks too interesting, I'll just browse the knitting magazines, ( thats not really a book, right?)" Then its automatic pilot. I find myself in the knitting books. I tell myself "Im just browsing.." Before I know it, I'm drooling over something. The last fix..I bought.... 2 at a time socks.....I think I am in sock love. I of course then had to order some 40" needles from knit picks. Woohoo!! This was a good fix. My fiance doesnt even comment, he just looks at me, smiles and rolls his eyes. Am I that predictable? 
 I cant wait to start a project.I found on ravelry, a group, devoted to just this book, with the author as one of the moderators. I feel as though its Christmas. Who is luckier than me?
  I have sooo many ideas. I have a perpetual calendar with different stitches for every day of the year. I want to try this method and see if I can adapt a basic pattern with a new stitch.... The possibilities are endless. I ordered from L.L. Bean the cutest little canvas bag with my initials. I am going to use this as my "sock bag". Life can be good. It doesn't take much to make me smile.
 I did read a post by someone who wrote that they can make a pair of socks, using this method in about 1 week. That obviously will not be me, but I can dream. Now if only the house could clean it self and my daughter would take over cooking.......

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