Psalm 73:26

God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Never Ending Socks

I should say that I haven't finished my socks because a small rabid dog wouldn't let me near them.(I thought this picture was funny.For some reason she looks like she is growling.)She wasn't growling, but it might make a more interesting story.
Truth is life gets in the way.I have worked way too many hours and then I am so easily distracted.
 I started a few other projects,didn't finish them either.I started a beautiful green vest,for my best friend and its almost done.It is also 80 degrees here today.I think I will save them for Christmas and then have a jump start on my holiday projects.
 I also started a baby sweater and booties for the new grandchild due in August.The booties are done and the sweater is about 1/2 done.
 My distraction at the moment is my new Iphone.I told my husband I may need a 12 step program.I have had so much fun downloading applications.I am addicted to Kelley Petkuns' podcast and she talked about her ipod touch with all the great things she added.
I have been listening to audio books, and reading a book on it with a kindle book down load.
 I also found some great apps on organizing and one of my goals for the new year was to get more organized.
 I have been a little more faithful with regular exercise ( but did fall off the wagon on vacation)but its a new week.
 To top it off, I started selling Avon with Sam,my 15 year old.She sells at school and I sell a lot at work.
  When I was taking the photo for this blog, Sam did say "You didn't finish those things yet?" 
Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

beautiful socks!
visiting from Ravelry Christian group.