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God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I was gonna finish that sweater... really I was

I had all intents of working on my "three season sweater" tonight. My three season sweater isn't what you might's not that I meant it to be a "three seasoner" but it has become one.I am slightly jealous when I look at other knitters blogs and they have pictures of this gorgeous lace and write... Oh that. I knit that this morning in between tv comercials. Or a baby sweater and hat that they whipped up  in their sleep. Honestly some knitters must knit in their sleep. How do they get so much accomplished? I must knit like a slug compared to them... My three season sweater is just what it says.... I started it in the fall, plodded along through the winter and now its spring. Great..... watch me finish that  nice warm sweater just in time for 4th of July.... But wait... that would make it a 4 seasoner, I better finish. That would be embarrassing...

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Mary said...

Hi Leah,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. In answer to your question regarding photo layout within a blog post, what I do is upload all my photos at once, in my desired order, and then I add text before and after them by placing my cursor to the left or right of the photo and pressing Enter to add space for the text.

Also, I have found that blogging with Firefox as my browser works a lot better than using Internet Explorer. For some reason, if I use IE to publish a blog post and I try to move photos around within the blog post while I'm writing it, they lose their hyperlink so that they are not "clickable" and the reader cannot make them bigger to see greater detail. It can be fixed, but you have to then fiddle with the html of the post, which I'd rather not have to.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Thanks again!